Wheel Locks

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You don’t want to discover your new truck has wheel locks after getting a flat in a remote place.  Fortunately I discovered that when I went to have my tires rotated.  You can imagine my surprise when I was asked where the key was for the locks.

After digging around in the truck, glove boxes, etc, and then some research on the interwebs, I discovered that there should have been a McGard registration card in the truck as well as a key for they lock.  Nada.  Thank you Dulles Dodge for omitting those items.  I guess I have to blame myself first for not looking more closely at the tires when I bought the truck.  I’ve never owned wheel locks and wasn’t expecting them.  I guess I’m lucky that in the past 40 years I’ve never had a wheel stolen and, in fact, I’ve never known anyone who has had a wheel stolen.

Fortunately you can send a picture of the lock to McGard and for $14.95 they will send you a new key.  I chose that over the manual removal method to reduce the risk of damage to the rim.  You can search YouTube and get dozens of hits on how to remove those locks without the key.