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Until this winter, I raced sidecars.  I had a site, now redirected here, called HackNutzR.US.  I started out racing a motocross sidecar and we raced Pike’s Peak in 2011.  After Pike’s Peak was paved completely, we switched to a roadracing sidecar with the plan of returning to Pike’s Peak.  Life, as usual, went in a different direction and the time… Read more »

Spring! I love it

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This picture says it all.  Next year this picture will show our new place on 5-acres of woods and I’ll be toasting to solitude!

2016 is almost over

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2016 is almost over and we didn’t make one post!  We’ve been busy designing the retirement home and getting ready to move.  Next year when construction starts we’ll have progress pics. Till then!

American Chestnut Trees

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On the Friday after Thanksgiving (11/17/2015) we planted five American Chestnut trees.  These trees are blight resistant and are actually Dunstan Chestnuts  (Castanea dentata X mollissima). 

Maple Bench

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This is the final bench.  The whole gallery of pics is here.   This is a maple bench I’m making for my brother Kris and his fiance Dona. The finish will be a ploy/oil blend similar to Maloof’s finish.

Been busy

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I’m working with two associations to migrate their sites to WordPress plus my racing site. Check out Hack Nutz Racing, Maryland Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance and Sidecar Racers Association (still working on it).

Time for an upgrade!

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I’ve been asked to help with my sidecar racing association’s website.  We are going to change it to a WordPress and we need a custom widget for entering and managing race scores.  I haven’t done any programming in several years so I decided to upload WordPress to my personal site and develop the widget here.