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I’m way, way behind on posting house construction pictures. But, we have lots of turkeys on the lot!

Panorama Series

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I’ll be adding panorama pics showing the construction progress.

Progress! Trees are down and driveway going in

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Progress update! The trees are now all down and the driveway entrance installed. I have a lot of weekends ahead of me cutting up the trees for firewood!

New House!

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Kathleen and I are building our retirement house.  She gets a 2,000 square foot handicapped accessible house and I get a 1,680 square foot woodshop/garage.  Seems fair to me! The lot is all wooded and 4.7 acres.  The back will also become a small riding area.

Spring! I love it

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This picture says it all.  Next year this picture will show our new place on 5-acres of woods and I’ll be toasting to solitude!